Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mine liverie

I be astonyenged that enyone would apayren mine liverie as it be aperte to al and sondry that mine kirtel and vestmentes are fyne and a plesing colour of blew. Wherefore 'vapide' and 'poncye'?

Yet maistre Geofroi is a parfit Darth Vader in his attyre. And he doth seme constipated in his visage.


Wherefore speken to the hende?

Zounds! Nowe mine baitere Maistre Geoffroi Chaucer assayles me ayain:

Yay, lette vs seen howe Kynge Richarde lyke Johan Goweres traisonous sentimentz in his confessio amantis! I had rath speken to the hande than hange from the gallowes pole.

I knowe not of what he speketh. Ich ywrote that lytel morale wereke for KYNGGE RICHARDE at his bydding and receyved meny plesaunt wordes from my lorde in yts favor. Perhapes maitre Geofroi be sore agreved as the KYNGES fayre wordes were notte for him.

Why ich latere copyed that humble werke for my lorde Henry is another mater entyrely.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ich wille be backe

As ich sayde before, I wille be backe to answere to Maistre Geofroi Chaucere's crewel appele ayainst me. Nowe ich must reallye gete me to London.

And ich be not a wankere.


Where be mine keye of 'thorn'?

I be somwhat awhaped bye this contrivaunce called a 'keyeborde' as ich have yet to yfind keyes to represaunt severalle comune letteres. And I see not whye some call its felawe contrivaunce a 'mouse' as it semes not to have a tayle, or legges, or any haire at all. And it semes in no waye to have ynterest in my chees.

Be there any wight outen there who canne give me aid with this matere? I wold be right gratefulle for thine asistaunce.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thys lytel thyng of gret powere

Ich be moste imprest wyth this newe forme of writyng, tho it seemeth lyke to ben used by fooles and lewede mennes as mych as the wyse and unfeyned.

Ich wyll assaye thys new forme wyth mine virtualle pen from tyme to tyme when ich be not encompaised wyth busyness as ich be sometyme in the servis of myn fayre lorde KINGE RICHARDE. But ryghte now ich have ned for to donne mine liverie et maken hayste to London.

Ich thynke ich wyl skyp the costoumes house thys tyme.