Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A moste excelente swevene

Gwan ysaide recyentlye...

...Ich hadde a prophetik swevene (and as eny cokke wot, daun Catoun speketh of the veritee of swevenes). In this swevene, Ich saw there shall be a scrivener hote daun Shakespeare, of grete renoun, and thisse Shakespeare shall deme Gowere the bettre poete, as witnesseth Shakespeare his play Pericles. Whatte seyestow to that, daun Chaucere?

Indede I repete for yow Maistre Gefroi, what seyestow to thatte? Yow cannst not touch thys.

-- JG


Blogger Geoffrey Chaucer said...

O Gowere, thou makst yt so esy.

Ich see nat how gentil Will glorifieth thee. He doth mime thy noysome and noxious verse, and presente thee as a comike oold man, an eldre antik sort. He giveth thee al thy infirmitees of bodye and mynde -- thy vttir lak of originalitee ("I tell you what mine authors say"), thy obsessioun wyth inceste, thy vseless obsessioun wyht excessif exposicioun ("What's dumb in show I'll plain with speech").

Alwayes, indede, ridiculous - always, indede, the foole.

And doth gentil Will saye eny smal thyng of me? Perhaps jvst this smal passage yn the ENTIRE PLAYE HE WROTE BASID ON MYN TALE OF THE KNIGHT:

[ovre playe] has a noble breeder and a pure,
A learned, and a poet never went
More famous yet 'twixt Po and silver Trent.
Chaucer (of all admir'd) the story gives;
There constant to eternity it lives.

And Will goth on to saye that he "aspire[th] to [me] / Weak as [he be]."

Le Vostre


12:36 AM EDT  
Blogger Gwan said...

A noble come-bakke, ich moste admitte. Th'arte learned, iwis. Bot 'obsessioun wyth inceste' thatte is the kynde of thynge those prudysshe Victorians woulde seye. Growe vppe maistre Chaucere :)

Alswa, he presenteth Gowere with 'man's infirmities' suche as are commune to alle menne. Any thynge further is bot stage tradicioun, yprikked on by soche as yow who gruccheth aboot pauvre Gowere.

As for lak of originalitee, witnesseth yowre spotte of bothere over copyryghte. It semeth to me that yow would be beste to redeth vpon yowre BIBLE, where does it nat saye

"But what seest thou a litil mote in the iye of thi brother, and seest not a beem in thin owne iye?
Or hou seist thou to thi brothir, Brothir, suffre I schal do out a mote fro thin iye, and lo! a beem is in thin owne iye?
Ipocrite, do thou out first the beem of thin iye, and thanne thou schalt se to do out the mote of the iye of thi brothir."

Th'arte amusynge, Chaucere, botte overharshe on povre Gowere. Pleie nice!

7:13 AM EDT  
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