Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wherefore speken to the hende?

Zounds! Nowe mine baitere Maistre Geoffroi Chaucer assayles me ayain:

Yay, lette vs seen howe Kynge Richarde lyke Johan Goweres traisonous sentimentz in his confessio amantis! I had rath speken to the hande than hange from the gallowes pole.

I knowe not of what he speketh. Ich ywrote that lytel morale wereke for KYNGGE RICHARDE at his bydding and receyved meny plesaunt wordes from my lorde in yts favor. Perhapes maitre Geofroi be sore agreved as the KYNGES fayre wordes were notte for him.

Why ich latere copyed that humble werke for my lorde Henry is another mater entyrely.



Anonymous richard seconde of that name, kynge said...

Thine lord Henri? Seekest thou to guest in myn fortresse of Guantanam?

6:45 AM EDT  

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