Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So muche to do, so lytel time

My fair readeres, nowe Þat ich be retorned from the KYNGES court, I know not what to do firste. This smale blogge already hað waxed such Þat I oft fynde it aldermost in my thottes. For I cannot abyde the many smale and grosse assautes upon mine name that I receyve each daye from my tormentores, who do seme egged on by Maistre Geofroi Chaucere. And ywis I have many observationes Þatte I wisshe to share. And eek...there be so manye thinges.

So Þatte I may adress these many thynges in some order, and not forget Þem, I do liste them here, in a kynde of ordere. For those that be firsst lie the most heavy on my heved. To wit:

  • ich muste devyse a stonge defense against the abhomynable appele that maistre Geoffroy hath mayde, the whiche hað made me yvele apayed and putte me off my chees entyrelye.
  • I am preparing nowe a counter-apele, for there be another side to that storye that maitre Gefroi doð nat wante yow to here. So, take thatte, Chaucere!
  • I muste make an apologie to my gentil readeres for mine foule oathe last week. Trewely I be not prone to swich oathes. But I arguwe there be extenuatinge circumstances in thysse case.
  • I have muche to telle aboute my week-ende with the KYNGE and his compaigneye and the jangles atte his courte.
  • I am composynge a newe moral tale for the edificacione of my gentil rederesshipe
  • I wisshe to adress the commentynge of my frende Francois Villon, bothe here and eleswhere and to confes that I rede the Frenche tongue like Chaucere pledes against me, which is to saye poorly.
Furthermore, I am surfing much on this worlde-wide webbe, tho to me it seme more like I am walwynge from payge to payge, oft withouten eny certaintie thatte the nexte be wyse or a waste. But alredy I have lerned much to bettere the governaunce of mine estate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pauvr Gowere! Yt can nowis be easie, sich thynk ich, to be a wankere.

9:50 PM EDT  
Blogger Johannes Gowere said...

Deere anonymous,

Thou art a parfit exaumple of whye I be so agreved by the comentynge on this site of blogge. Wherefore the hate? Where be the love?

And wherefore anonymouse? Perhap yow be somwhat abbashen at thine usage of thatte worde to descrybe me, the whiche I will not wryte atte this tyme. Butte I am fashionyng my conter-appele against that charge, and sone al and sondrie will see the meny errores that Maistre Geofroi Chaucer hath made.


7:59 AM EDT  
Anonymous Fat Margot said...

Maitre Goire, my maitre Villon wisseth not that J wisse reading ande scribing but he wisseth that J wisse angleish and therefore he willeth that J traduce his words for a scribe but J will traduce hem and scribe hem my owene selve the whiles that he sleepeth. But hit willeth taken me somme tyme for that J wisse nat good anleish ande for that J scribe but slowe and for that J must see after maitre Villon and us nourish by my labours. Anon, sir.

6:48 PM EDT  
Blogger Geoffrey Chaucer said...

Mayster Gower,

To lerne that thou redest nat of frensshe doth muchel explaynen forwhy 'le miroir de l'homme' doth sucken so muche.


7:24 PM EDT  
Blogger Slangwhanger-in-Chief said...

Quoth Gowere, I have muche to telle aboute my week-ende with the KYNGE and his compaigneye and the jangles atte his courte.

Vraiment, cher maitre, vous nous ditez ce qu'on a vu au cour d'Albion perfide. Les autres comptes sur votre carte des grievances sont tout entire pleine d'egoisme et des attempts pouvoir et faible de se justifient.

Mais les rencontres des royales, ce sont formidables! Vous nous ditez en la premiere place!

7:34 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thyne poetry is swich as thatte of Cicero, ych thynk.

1:23 PM EDT  
Blogger FSJL said...

And Tully was a rhetor, nat a poet.

12:25 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anent the following:

'am surfing much on this worlde-wide webbe'

Prithee eschew that forme of speech latterly yclept the present continuous for in Myddle Englishe was it almost unknowne.

11:48 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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